Lord Combermere - Wreck Dive
A small barge sunk in the early 1980's, she is surrounded by one of our fringing coral reefs. A shallow dive and is excellent for beginners or a refresher dive. Beg - Adv

Also part of our offshore barrier reef system, Whitegates offers a relaxed dive with all the schooling tropicals of a marine aquarium. Also frequented by turtles, barracudas, and jacks, you'll want to make sure that this dive gets entered into your log books. Int - Adv

This is a fantastic dive site. Because of it's profile, Tropicana makes for a great multilevel dive. If you are computer diving. Great visibility, abundant fish life, gorgeous corals, Tropicana is one of my favourite dive sites. Int - Adv

Spawnee is a a regular choice as the second of our morning dives. This reef system allows for inexperienced divers to see the fish and fauna most often experienced only on deeper dives. Beg - Adv

Forming part of our offshore barrier reef system, Greatledge is aptly named. One of our widest reefs, frequented by schooling Barracuda in the winter months, turtles, jacks, Blue Chromis, and French Angels are all part of the excitement of this dive site. Int - Adv

As you descend on this incredible reef, you will instantly see the reason for it's name. Truly one of the most spectacular dives in Barbados. Brightledge is a popular reef for the endangered Hawksbill turtle. Excellent visibility and schools of tropicals make this one of the most popular dive sites in Barbados. Int - Adv

Bell Buoy
Large dome shaped reef ranging from 20 to 60ft, huge 8ft brown coral tree forests, gentle sloping corals and friendly schooling fish. Fun for all. Beg - Adv

Carlisle Bay - Wreck Dive
Home to five shallow wrecks; the Berwyn, Ctrek, Eillon, Bajan Queen and the Fox. Abundant with tropicals, small groupers and eels. Rare species such as frog fish, bat fish and sea horses. A macro photographer's dream. Beg - Adv

A very popular reef. Beautiful corals, hundreds of schooling fish, Barracudas and turtles. A very relaxing and enjoyable dive. Beg - Adv

Silver Bank
A healthy coral reef. Beautiful fish, sea fans and the Atlantis Submarine for a diving companion. A memorable Dive. Beg - Adv

Pamir - Wreck Dive
A relaxed comfortable dive. Enjoyable for all divers - 165 ft long, 60 ft down. Fish, fauna, and fun in one experience. Beg - Adv

S.S. Stavronikita - Wreck Dive
365ft of cabins, passenger-ways, mast and fish. Thrills galore. Arguably the Caribbean's Number One wreck dive. Int - Adv

Maycocks Bay
Large coral reefs separated by corridors of white sand. Rays, Barracuda, Parrot fish, large schools of Bermuda Chub and other tropicals. A fantastic dive site. Int - Adv